Why Selling On The AWS Marketplace Is A Smart Move For Your Software Company

The AWS Marketplace is great for reaching new customers for developers selling their software. By listing your products on the Marketplace, you can take advantage of Amazon’s massive customer base and world-class marketing and distribution capabilities. Plus, selling AWS Marketplace SaaS products can be more profitable than selling traditional software.

Pricing And Billing Control

Having complete control over how you price your software is one of the significant benefits of selling on the AWS Marketplace. You can set your pricing, bundle features or products, and even offer discounts or promotions anytime. Plus, you’ll completely control how customers pay for your product.

Being able to manage the billing process means that you get paid quickly, and it helps to reduce customer churn. Controlling this aspect of your business makes bundling services and charging subscription fees for those services easier—something that can help boost revenue and expand your customer base. You also get access to a suite of analytics tools that track customer usage and gain insight into customer preferences.

Exposure To Amazon Customers

You gain access to Amazon’s massive customer base when you sell your software on the AWS Marketplace. As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon has an enormous customer base that you can tap into—making it much easier to attract new customers and expand your reach. Plus, thanks to Amazon’s sophisticated marketing capabilities and distribution network, you can quickly get the word out about your product and start generating sales.

This vast customer base allows you to reach potential customers who may not be aware of your product. Plus, since customers can purchase and download products directly from the Marketplace, there is no need for them to contact you to buy your product. This simplified process reduces customer acquisition costs and makes tracking sales conversions easier.

Secure Shopping Experience

Whether your customers are shopping for slippers or software, knowing their information is safe is of the utmost importance. By selling on the AWS Marketplace, you can take advantage of Amazon’s secure shopping experience and let your customers purchase confidently. With data encryption and other security measures in place, customers can rest assured that their information is safe making it much easier to buy. Plus, since your product is already hosted on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, customers won’t need to download and install anything, making it even easier to purchase your product.

Simplified Distribution

Once people purchase your product, how will you get it to them? With the AWS Marketplace, distribution is as easy as possible. Your software is hosted and distributed through Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, meaning customers can instantly access your product after purchase. It eliminates the need for manual installations or downloads, allowing you to quickly get your product into your customer’s hands.

Thanks to Amazon’s global distribution network, your product can be available to customers worldwide. Access to worldwide distribution means expanding your customer base and reaching more potential customers than ever before. By shipping your AWS Marketplace SaaS products to customers around the globe, you can take advantage of an untapped market and increase your sales potential.

Access To Support Resources

Finally, when you sell on the AWS Marketplace, you get access to a range of support resources that can help you promote and manage your products. With Amazon’s extensive marketing and customer service teams, you can easily reach customers and provide them with the support they need to make informed purchasing decisions. You also get access to performance analytics tools that track usage and gain valuable insights into customer preferences—making it easier to optimize your product offering.

Having access to these resources makes it much easier to launch, promote and manage your product on the AWS Marketplace—allowing you to focus more time on developing new features and growing your business.

Final Thoughts

By selling your software on the AWS Marketplace, you can capitalize on Amazon’s vast customer base and secure shopping experience. You can also simplify the distribution of your product around the world and get access to a range of support resources that can help you promote and manage your product. You can easily tap into a new market and increase your revenue potential by taking advantage of all these benefits.