IM Academy Students Focus on
Cultivating Mindset and Mentorship at
New MMX Academy

IM Academy, a provider of online educational resources, launched five new academies in 2022, the most since the platform was established in 2013. In addition to continuing to focus on financial education, IM Academy developed programs in new verticals, including a travel and lifestyle service and academies on social media marketing and mindset development. The Mindset Mastery (MMX) Academy represents IM Academy’s emphasis on cultivating a psychological approach grounded in positive self-talk and openness to mentorship, a concept that can be applied to any educational, financial, or business pursuit.

For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CEO, mentorship is the foundation of education, and the goal of launching an academy dedicated to mindset is to mentor students who are serious about learning and value the flexibility of a nontraditional online platform.

“It’s the energy you bring to the table. Consciously lead with purpose and operate with a confident, positive mental attitude,” said Terry in a recent Instagram post. “Some say ‘attitude’ is the magic word and that your attitude in life determines your altitude in life. When interacting with people, have a fire in your eye when you speak to them.”

How Does MMX Work?

MMX is designed to provide IM Academy students with live mentorship opportunities, which are fundamental to all the Academy’s offerings. Students have access to weekly live sessions with educators that feature motivational discussions and the opportunity to engage with others about strategies for cultivating their mindset. The Academy’s educators offer sessions in Spanish and German in addition to English.

The sessions are available through IM Academy’s GoLive online video discussion platform. GoLive is a key part of many of the Academy’s services, as it’s designed to augment asynchronous materials such as prerecorded readings and lectures. MMX foregrounds this feature of IM Academy, emphasizing the role of live dialog in education, even in an online format.

IM Academy’s Other Offerings

MMX was added to a roster of services that includes a variety of academies on financial markets and other topics. IM Academy’s longest-running academies are the FRX Academy, which focuses on foreign exchange (forex) markets, the DCX Academy, which covers digital currency markets, and the ECX Academy on e-commerce.

In addition to MMX, IM Academy launched two new financial education academies in 2022: TBX Academy, which focuses on a time-based intraday exchange strategy known as scalping, and the SFX Academy on stocks and futures markets. These financial academies were joined by the TLX travel and lifestyle service and the SMX (social media) Academy on personal branding and social media influence.

A Growth Mindset

2022 was a year of significant growth for IM Academy, as it reached thousands of students and independent business owners at an international scale. Christopher Terry launched a summer European speaking tour of over 12 locations across the continent, and the Academy hosted several IM Beyond events at locations ranging from Barcelona, Spain, and Zurich to Palm Beach, Florida, and Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. Additional IM Beyond events are already scheduled for 2023: IM Beyond Rotterdam, Netherlands, from March 16-19, IM Elevate Orlando, Florida, from March 24-26, and IM Beyond Mexico City from April 21-23.

This activity is indicative of the proactive, positive, growth-oriented mindset taught at MMX, and the Academy will look to continue to grow in 2023, potentially exploring new avenues in online education and always focusing on mindset and mentorship.

In another Instagram post, Christopher Terry emphasized the importance of approaching the new year with a fresh mindset.

“As we prepare for the new year, it’s important to take time and reflect on this past year. All the triumphs and tribulations. The good and the bad. What worked? What didn’t work? Where did things go wrong? Where did we fall short?

“You see, you can’t expect 2023 to be a breakout year while operating with the same mindset as you did in 2022. To attract new, you must create new. Build a new model, build a new paradigm, build a new way of thinking. The time is now.”


Note: IM Academy provides educational services and is not a broker or investment or financial services advisor. No access is provided on IM Academy platforms to live trading or broker services.