Google+ Is Now #2 Social Network

Google Plus is now second most popular social network globallyGoogle+ was the second largest global social network in December 2012, according to GlobalWebIndex.  With 343 million active users, it is second only to Facebook in global dominance – though Facebook still has double the number of active users, with nearly 700 million.

Defining active users as “those who used or contributed to a site in the past month,” the study found big global growth for Facebook, and Google+ and Twitter.  Twitter saw the greatest change in active users, with 40% growth between Q2 and Q4.  In this same time period, Google+ grew 27% in terms of active users.

While Facebook and Google+ filled the top slots, YouTube came in third in terms of active users – with this being the first quarter where the study included the video-sharing platform. Having both Google+ and YouTube in the top three demonstrates “the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer.”

According to the study, 21% of the global internet population actively uses Twitter on a monthly basis, 21% actively use YouTube, 25% actively use Google+, and 51% actively use Facebook.

In addition, the data indicates that “Google+ members are actively using the social network rather than just their attached Google services,” reports ZDNet.

Are you surprised that Google+ is performing so well?

  • TheTysonReport

    I do find the traffic from G+ is good quality and I think they’ve done a great job on the iPhone/iPad apps which are beautiful to look at. I also like that it’s all a bit more ‘serious’ than FB – but in the best possible way.

    • Agreed, Robert: in my experience, the quality of the conversation (when it happens) does tend to be very high on G+, but without the stuffiness and sales-iness that you find on LinkedIn.

      • I am still not sold on G+ as a viable social network for the majority of biz’s quite yet. Only time will tell but as I always say until they can pull Grandma away from Facebook, they won’t win. ;)

        • I can’t get my mom on Facebook (let alone Grandma), but don’t you think there’s a chance Google might sneak her onto G+ without her even realizing it?