• #TheChatDiary

    Thanks for highlighting the tools that are available for chats.. Its great to see the old gun tweetchat being upgraded and updated to deal with the new Twitter API changes… But the question is always, how do you find the chats in the 1st place?

    Yes.. there are lists, but many are out of date and you need a pHD in excel spread sheets or google docs to use them. A new way has been launched just a few weeks ago and is making enormous progress – @TheChatDiary

    @TheChatDiary is a twitter account. all it does it tweet out twitter chat alerts to help people discover twitter chats & to remind them of the times. In just a few weeks, over 700+ twitter chats are being tweeted out..

    people just need to follow @thechatdiary to get the twitter chat alerts


    Mark Shaw

    • http://therealtimereport.com/ Tonia Ries

      Thanks, Mark — count me in as a follower!

  • http://dannybrown.me/ Danny Brown

    I can highly recommend Twubs, I used for a Microsoft Canada event and the stream (including rich media) was excellent. I’d definitely place them above being a “mere” Twitter chat tool.

    Speaking of which,seems we’re of the same mindset today – I look at three hashtag trackers in my post, going live shortly. :)

    • http://therealtimereport.com/ Tonia Ries

      Thanks for the endorsement, @dannybrown:disqus, and look forward to seeing your post. Share a link here when it’s live!

    • Twubs

      thanks, Danny…we always love your work

  • Twubs

    great article, @Tonia_Ries:disqus … thanks for the mention

  • peter bordes

    Tonia thatnk you for including our @oneQubeMe and newly relaunched @TweetChat. We are doing a ton of optimization work based on users feedback, and strating to see some amazing performance starting today! Stay tuned!

  • Steve Cassady

    And you also have Twitterfall and there are several others in development like RiteChatter. There will be no lack of chat tools.

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  • http://warrenwhitlock.com/social-media-expert Warren Whitlock

    I’ve been using OneQube for months in their private beta. Acquiring TweetChat has overwhelmed servers, but talking to Amy Vernon about it on my radio show yesterday, I’m convinced they once they stabilize, they will change how we track chats, hastags and relationships forever.

    • http://amyvernon.net/ AmyVernon

      Thanks, @warrenwhitlock:disqus! It is a very exciting time. :)

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  • peter bordes

    Hi All! We are thrilled to announce the launch of TweetChat 2.0 and @tweetchat FavePages! TweetChat has a new ui/ux and tools to chat. You can also now curate Twitter and chats. Everything you #fave is added to your FavePage http://bit.ly/1wtDCzE

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