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Social Networking Stats: Ad Agencies Prefer LinkedIn, #RLTM Scoreboard

The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week

Facebook: 1.15 billion monthly active users via Facebook
Twitter: over 200 million monthly active users via Twitter
Qzone: 599 million monthly active users via TechCrunch
Sina Weibo: over 400 million users via Yahoo
Renren: over 170 million users via iResearch iUser Tracker
VK: over 200 million registered users via VK
LinkedIn: 238 million active users via LinkedIn
Google Plus: 343 million monthly active users via GlobalWebIndex
Tumblr: 134 million blogs via Tumblr
Instagram: 100 million users via Instagram
Vine: 40 million registered users via Vine
Tagged: 20 million unique monthly users via Tagged
Foursquare: nearly 30 million users via Adweek
Pinterest: over 25 million users via AdWeek
Reddit: 67 million monthly unique visitors via Reddit
WhatsApp: 200 million monthly active users via TechCrunch

Please email if you have additional updates, or a social network that you feel should be on the list.

Ad Agencies Prefer LinkedIn [Study]

Linkedin-LogoA new poll reveals that 92% of ad agency leaders use social media for new business development (up from just 58% back in 2009).  Which social networks do ad agencies prefer when seeking new business leads?  According to a study from RSW/US – as reported by AdWeek - LinkedIn is the most important social platform for generating leads.  The poll examined ad agency use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and SlideShare.

Here are the highlights:

  • 46% of agency leaders labeled LinkedIn as the “most important”for generating new business leads; blogging was next with 24%, followed by Facebook and Twitter (14% each) and Google (2%)
  • 21% of ad agencies use SlideShare to market themselves to potential clients

Why does LinkedIn rank so highly among ad agency leaders? Ease of use plays a big part: it “requires the least amount of effort to maintain and use effectively,” says Mark Sneider, president of RSW/US, a Cincinnati-based new business consultancy (AdWeek).

The poll was conducted in early August and included 300 ad agency leaders.

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