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Pinterest Is The Fastest-Growing Platform For Online Content Sharing

Online Content Sharing Across Social Networks [ShareThis study]Pinterest is seeing the most rapid growth in online content sharing, according to a new report from ShareThis. In the last quarter, content sharing on Pinterest rose 19.2%. Both LinkedIn and Facebook trailed behind with 15.1% and 14.7% growth in content sharing, respectively.  Twitter fared significantly worse, with content sharing showing a drop of 7.6%.

The study analyzed millions of monthly shares (made through ShareThis) in the third quarter across more than 120 social media channels and two million websites.

Despite the rapid growth it shows for Pinterest and LinkedIn shares, Facebook and Twitter still account for ~75% of all content sharing, reports Business Insider.

The report’s conclusion? “Because sharing is a clear indicator of consumer interest and intent, understanding sharing behavior across ALL channels has broad implications for advertisers and content providers.”

Is your brand putting up engaging content on Pinterest and LinkedIn?  Are your customers sharing it?

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