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oneQube SmartStream, A Free Twitter Chat Platform, Launched Today By Internet Media Labs

oneQube SmartStream

Internet Media Labs today announced the launch of oneQube SmartStream, a free Twitter chat platform designed to support the hundreds of active Twitter chats that were rocked by this week’s news about the imminent demise of TweetChat, a popular chat client that will soon stop working as a result of Twitter’s latest API changes. The SmartStream team says their platform is fully compatible with the new Twitter API rules. SmartStream is part of the oneQube SocialRM platform, which is currently in private beta. Read →

Is Twitter Killing TweetChat?

Is Twitter killing TweetChat?

TweetChat has posted a notice at the top of its site announcing that “Twitter is changing the way services like @TweetChat deliver data to users. In the very near future, TweetChat will most likely be unable to continue to provide our service.” The problem, apparently, is the latest round of Twitter API changes, now scheduled for June 11, which will prevent applications from using JavaScript to pull data from the Search API Read →

Social Media On The Farm: Crisis Management, Market Research, Education And APIs

Farmers are using the drought12 hashtag to share information about growing conditions around the U.S. (Photo via @PioneerHiBred)

With the drought of 2012 creating extreme conditions for farmers across a great swath of the U.S., farms are turning to Twitter and other social media tools as a support group to share information, gain insights and keep customers informed about changing conditions. In some cases, farmers are even beginning to use realtime technologies to connect directly with consumers and create new market efficiencies. Read →

Sunday In the Sandbox with Facebook Connect


Having been told by Tonia that I would have to provide useful content for this site, rather than just pronouncing from on high, I spent the Sabbath playing around with Facebook Connect (website | Tonia’s post,) to see whether I could extract something useful from it.  Read →

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