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Behind the Scenes at the Biggest Brand on Facebook: Coca-Cola

How Coca-Cola Engages Their 36 Million Facebook Fans

Taking the business mantra of “think global, act local” to its maximum, Coca-Cola’s Facebook page is tailored to its 36 million fans around the world. While nearly all those fans access it through a single page, what they see differs based on where they are. Read →

Twitter Advertising Tryouts: How Four Brands Fared

Radioshack logo

Radio Shack, Unilever, Country Music Television and Zuji Australia are some of the more than 600 companies that Twitter says it has partnered with in its rapidly growing advertising business. In a recent report for eMarketer, social media analyst Kimberly Maul examine how those four brands fared with some of their test marketing efforts. Read →

How Facebook Helps Burt’s Bees Create Buzz

Burts Bees

Burt’s Bees has relied on word-of-mouth marketing for growth since its founding more than 25 years ago. Social media is an obvious way to move forward for a beauty products company, and since July 2010 the brand’s Facebook fan base has grown from 98,000 to more than 562,000 by creating compelling content that consumers want to interact with and discuss. Read →

Facebook Posts Receive 50% of ‘Likes’ Within First Hour and 20 Minutes


A new study released by social analytics firm Visibli reveals that a Facebook post goes ‘stale’ after about 1 hour and 2o minutes. While this may seem short, it’s at least better than Twitter, where “95% of re-tweets happen in an hour” as reported by AdAge. Visibli looked at the behavior of 200 million Facebook users — approximately one-third of Facebook’s total membership. By tracking the number of “likes” and “comments” that each post received over time, Visibli determined the ‘resiliency’ of each post. Read →

Engagement With Brands on Facebook is 20% Higher Outside of Regular Business Hours

facebook logo full

New research from Buddy Media determines that while 60% of brand posts on Facebook are published between 10am and 4pm, Facebook users are 20% more likely to engage with posts outside of normal business hours. Engagement was measured by analyzing comments and ‘likes’, and factored in fanbase size for each brand. Read →

Brands be Warned: 94% of Users Age 12-17 Don’t Want To Be Your Friend on Facebook


A new report from Forrester Research analyzes the digital behavior of young consumers and their relationships with brands via social media. According to Forrester, “Almost half of 12- to 17-year-olds don’t think brands should have a presence using social tools at all.” The report provides stats on this demographic, what they’re expecting from companies on social media, and how brands can reach them more effectively via social channels. Read →

How Orabrush Became as Popular as Apple on YouTube

Orabrush logo

Can a small company use social media to compete with much bigger brands? Take a look at Orabrush, Inc., a company of 15 employees that makes a brush/scraper to remove bacteria from your tongue –- not exactly a ‘sexy’ product. By creating a funny and informative YouTube campaign, combined with a Facebook and Twitter presence, […] Read →

55% of Facebook Users Have 'Unliked' Brands

CoTweet's report The Social Breakup

A recent study by ExactTarget and CoTweet reveals why Facebook and Twitter users “unlike” or “unfollow” brands, and how the expectations around brand communications differ between the two social media platforms.  Marketing Profs reported the results, and below we’ve laid out a comparison of how Facebook and Twitter users engage with brands. 55% of Facebook […] Read →

40% of Online Americans Receive Good Product Suggestions Via Social Media

According to a December 2010 online survey “The Pros, Cons and Learning Curve of Social Media” from polling company Harris Interactive, social media has produced product suggestions, job & real estate opportunities for a significant portion of Americans online, with younger adults reaping the most benefits from social media use: Read →

Want a New Facebook Fan for Your Brand? That'll be $1.07, please.

Webtrends study reveals that brands pay $1.07 per fan when advertising for fans via Facebook.

A Webtrends study of over 11,000 Facebook ad campaigns in the U.S. revealed that when brands advertise via Facebook, the cost to gain one ‘fan’ is $1.07 and climbing. Acquiring fans on Facebook gives brands the ability to reach users in two ways: through each user’s homepage news feed (for free), and through (paid) ads […] Read →

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