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In the Social Media Barnyard

The Social Media Barnyard

After several years of holding social media conferences, publishing books and unleashing thousands of social media consultants on the world, we are an industry that does not command respect as a business discipline. 73% of CEO’s think marketers lack business credibility, and most CMOs are sadly under-prepared to leverage social media as a platform. In the past 5 years, hundreds of millions of consumers have shifted a significant amount of their time to social media-based activities. And yet business leaders don’t see how that will affect their bottom line, or what they should do about it.

Here’s why. Read →

Enough with the “social.” It’s time to get real.

Baby wants Snack small

We have news for you. People want to be friends with people. They don’t want to be friends with brands. Not even yours. Your customers want you to do what you’re in business to do: create real-life, realtime value. Read →

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