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5 Social Media Best Practices To Keep You Fresh and Relevant

The social media world is a cluttered mess where a lot of companies and individuals do things they don’t really understand — and much of this activity is done poorly. With so much going on, it’s unbelievably easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose sight of what’s really important. Fortunately, you can follow the tips below to get your message out there in an effective way. Read →

How Campbell’s Go Targets Millennials On Facebook, Tumblr, Spotify, BuzzFeed And Mobile Games

Campbell's Go relies on social media to reach Millennials

Campbell’s Soups is reaching out to millennials with a “whimsical, humorous personality” on social media to promote a new line of microwaveable soup products, called Campbell’s Go. The campaigns reaches across multiple social platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr, BuzzFeed, Spotify and mobile gaming. Read →

Claire’s Ignores Copycat Claims, Deletes Angry Facebook Posts

Claire's ignores copycat claims on social networks

Does silence on social media ever work for a brand? Shortly after looking at Carnival’s choice to withdraw (temporarily) from social media following the Costa Concordia disaster, international accessories and jewelry retailer Claire’s tried a similar tactic. Faced with accusations of blatantly copying jewelry designs from UK-based independent designer Tatty Devine, Claire’s has chosen to largely ignore criticism flooding in on Facebook and Twitter. Read →

‘World Class’ Social Media Strategy: 84% of Global Brand Executives Don’t Have One

World Class Social Media Strategy For Global Brands

A new global study by Weber Shandwick and Forbes Insights asks brand and communications executives about online ‘sociability’ – social media strategy and use – for their brand. Today, 52% of global brand executives see sociability as a contributor to overall brand reputation; in three years, that number is estimated to be 65%. Yet while 93% use at least one social media tool and 87% have a social media strategy in place, only 16% believe their brand’s sociability is currently up to world class standards. Why the disconnect, and what exactly makes a social media strategy world class? Read →

Nielsen Ratings and Social Buzz: Is There A Formula For Fall TV Premieres?

Social Media Buzz, Nielsen Ratings, and Fall TV Premieres

This fall saw a huge buzz about social media efforts surrounding TV show premieres, from Facebook apps to Character Chatter to Twitter contests. How can networks measure the success of their social media strategy for each show? And what does social media success mean for more traditional television (Nielsen) ratings? Turns out answers to both questions are popping up rapidly. Read →

ABC Launches Pan-Am With Big Social Buzz

ABC Creates Social Buzz To Launch New Show Pan-Am

ABC Network just launched Pan-Am, a new show about the 1960’s stewardesses and pilots on the famous airline. Social media played a huge part in promoting the new series, and Lost Remote interviewed Marla Provencio, Executive Vice President of Marketing for ABC, about how social elements figured into the launch. Read →

Business Use of Social Media: 96% Advertising, 86% PR, 75% Customer Service

A new report from Buddy Media and Booz & Company shows that 95% of companies are planning to invest more in social media, and breaks down how companies are planning to direct those investments. Based on input from more than 100 leading companies, the report looks at the social media platforms being used, which company departments are handling and using social media the most, and measures the projected spend on social media. Read →

@PhilaUnion Soccer Team Social Media Strategy Gets Fans Into the Game

Philadelphia Union MLS Team's Social Media Strategy

When you’re the fifth major league team in town, it can be difficult to draw fans. That’s where social media comes in for the Philadelphia Union, a Major League Soccer team. The team has built up more than 81,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 20,000 for its @PhilaUnion handle on Twitter in just two years. Read →

KLM Launches 24Hr Social Media Customer Service With Live Replies Via YouTube, Twitter

KLM Innovative Social Media Campaign: Live Replies to Tweets

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ latest endeavour, meant to promote the launch of a new “24-hour service to social media,” involves posting videos on YouTube of live replies to tweets sent to @KLM. This innovative campaign was announced via Twitter on September 19, and ran from 12 noon until late in the evening. Any tweets sent to @KLM might receive a ‘KLM Live Reply’ – KLM employees lined up holding letters to become a ‘living alphabet’ 140-character response. Read →

A Doughy Tale of Social Media ROI: Twitter + Humor Helps Naked Pizza Find Both Customers and Investors

Naked Pizza Uses Twitter to Gain Investors, Customers

For its light-hearted Tweets over the years, Naked Pizza has always been one of our favorite foodies to follow. The New Orleans-based chain known for its all-natural ingredients has achieved striking results from its social media strategy, including prompting around 8,000 investment inquiries. Read →

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