Research: Social Media Users Want Opt-in Ads


InsightExpress just released the results of a study that looks at the attitudes of social network participants toward advertising.  The upshot?  Traditional ads – not so good.  Participatory and opt-in marketing campaigns – good.

The responses do vary quite a bit based on which sites the respondents are using; CafeMom users are especially passionate about the site and open to ads.  Some key stats:

  • 43 percent of the online population reports using a social networking site
  • Of those individuals who participate in a social networking site, most have profiles on two or more different properties (71 percent)
  • MySpace, Facebook and Classmates are identified as the networks with the most obvious advertising, while LinkedIn has the least number of individuals who think the advertising is obvious
  • 40 percent of social networkers find opt-in ads acceptable
  • Behavior-based campaigns are far less acceptable with only 20 percent of respondents finding them acceptable
  • 23 percent of LinkedIn, Facebook, Classmates, MySpace, and Reunion profilers say randomly generated ads approach are acceptable; but 43 percent of Cafemom, Twitter, and Flickr users find them acceptable

The research was conducted by InsightExpress between December 15, 2008 and January 12, 2009 using the companys e-RDD sampling methodology. A total of 1,593 respondents completed the survey, and the results were weighted to reflect the online population.