New Feature: Social Media Statistics


UPDATE:  With our redesign in January 2010, Social Media Statistics has become a category on Social Media at Work, with posts for each new study we find.  You can see all social media research posts by clicking on the link to that category, and you can follow @TWTRSTATS to see tweets about the latest social media statistics as we find them.

With the torrid pace of growth of social media, rapidly evolving social media audience demographics and changing usage patterns, a lot of new research and statistics are being released every week.  We’ve decided to add a page to this site (Social Media Statistics) designed to house links to some of the best new reports that we’re seeing.  We’ll organize them by month, and try to give you enough information so that you’ll know if it is worth clicking through.

We hope that this becomes a useful tool over time.  Let us know what you think, and send us links to any new research that you see out there!