6 Ideas for Twitter in Business … and Counting

@evanwolf, editor of Skype Journal,  sent us 6 ideas for ways that Twitter can be used to change the way we do business.   We’d love to see more ideas added to this list! Send them to #twtrcon ideas and we’ll update this blog post with your ideas.  How many do you think we can get to?

  1. Twitter isn’t just about marketing and sales; it’s about doing work within firewalls, in wirearchy and adhocracy. (@evanwolf)
  2. Twitter in the staffing life cycle. (Get @JohnSumser on this.) (@evanwolf)
  3. Automating business process alerts (inventory’s low!) through twitter to trigger virtuous behavior (let’s restock).  (@evanwolf)
  4. Building better products through decentralized collective conversation.  (@evanwolf)
  5. Incorporating twittering into performance reviews.  (@evanwolf)
  6. Twitter in Project Communications: microstatus, stakeholder comms, flocking, coagulation.  (@evanwolf)