Slide decks from TWTRCON DC 09

We have posted slides from TWTRCON DC 09 on Slideshare and embedded them here.

Case Study: The Brandividual

  • Nigel Dessau, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, AMD | @nigeldessau

Case Study: Twitter and Recruiting

  • Jessica Lee, Senior Employment Manager, APCO Worldwide | @jessica_lee | @APCOjobs
  • Kerry Noone, Marketing Communications Manager, Sodexo USA, Talent Acquisition Group | @SodexoCareers

Case Study: Twitter and Advertising

  • Chelsea Marti, Manager of Social Media, TurboTax and Quicken, Intuit | @QuickenChels

Real-Time Business Tools: TweetFunnel

  • Andreas Wilkens, Co-Founder, TweetFunnel | @AndreasWilkens

Real-Time Business Tools: TweetMixx

  • Chris McGill, CEO, TweetMixx | @mixx

Real-Time Business Tools Panel: Attensity, TwAitter, TweetFeel Biz, PeopleBrowsr

  • Eunice Zachry Hill, Director Civilian Agencies Sales, Attensity | @attensity
  • Ryan Bell, President, TwAitter | @Twaitting
  • Jean Davis, Co-founder, TweetFeel Biz | @JeanMarie50 | @conversition
  • Jodee Rich, Marketing Team Leader, PeopleBrowsr | @wingdude | @PeopleBrowsr