57% of U.S. Workers use Social Media for Business Purposes

According to a new IDC survey of 4,710 U.S. workers, 57% use social media for business purposes at least once per week. Additional findings from IDC’s social business research include:

  • 15%  surveyed reported using a consumer social tool instead of corporate-sponsored social tools for business purposes
  • The number one reason cited by U.S. workers for using social tools for business purposes was to acquire knowledge and ask questions from a community.
  • While marketers are the earliest and largest adopters of social media, these tools are now gaining deeper penetration into the enterprise with use by executive managers and IT.
  • Software companies will increase their social software offerings significantly as customer demand steadily increases and “socialytic” applications will emerge, fusing social/collaboration software and analytics to business logic/workflow and data.

More details in the IDC press release; the full (premium) survey is available here.