Who's on Twitter?

Pablo Palatnik has published an analysis of Twitter traffic and demographics based on Quantcast data on is blog, PalatnikFactor.com.  It shows US traffic to twitter.com peaking at 29.2 m on July 18, and averaging 23.6 m over the 6 months ending December 31.

As for demographics:

  • Gender: Females have a slight lead with 53%, and Male 47%.
  • Age:  The highest demographic in age group is 18-34 years old, representing about 44% of users.
  • Race:  Caucasians lead the usage with 74% of the demographic on Twitter. African Americans have a 14% usage, but index at 168 relative to the internet average.
  • Time frequency: 72% of Twitter users are “passers-by” while 27% of Twitter users are “regular” users.

Charts and more metrics at PalatnikFactor.com.