Dyn Inc. to its Followers: "Tweet Nerdy to Me"

The business of managed DNS (Internet Infrastructure as a Service) is anything but sexy, but the Dyn Inc. team has a group of 2,000+ passionate users following them on Twitter. The Dyn Inc. story began the same way a number of tech start-ups did — as a big idea out of a college dorm room. Since then, Dyn has thrived, in great part by leveraging social media as a springboard.

While the company is proud to say it has served over 12 million users since its creation in 1998, it is more excited about the much smaller number of social media followers continuing to grow both on its corporate account (@DynInc) and its newly launched support account, the DynDNS Ninja Squad (@DynDNS). “Many companies get on social media sites such as Twitter and wonder why they don’t see a return. What we have learned is that if you give value you will get value. We talk a lot about transparency with everything we do and social media has been the best way to show our users that we really mean it,” said Kyle York, VP of Sales and Marketing at Dyn. “We have also differentiated ourselves by making contact with companies we follow and find valuable ourselves.”

For example, Dyn actually boasts @Twitter as one of their clients, reaching out to them along with @Zappos, @Hubspot and @SimpleGeoInc, simply because they share an appreciation for what they do.