How Women Engage With Brands on Social Games

A study from Q Interactive and Social Media World Forum of more than 2,000 women in November of 2009 found them actively engaging with brands while  social media gaming.

  • 97% of women prefer to earn virtual currency through either winning more or accepting a branded offer – versus paying for it with “real” money
  • Only one in ten women have actually used “real” money to purchase virtual currency; of that, 85% have spent under $100 in their gaming and aping activities – ever
  • Of women who have signed up for branded offers to get more virtual currency, 67% found the offer useful
  • 3% of those women chose the branded offers based on “content”; 17% went for offers with free products or services

The press release for the study is here.

A follow up study in February, 2010  from Q Interactive and Engage! Expo  reveals insight into the psychology of social media gaming women, the largest demographic of social media users. That study of over 700 women, about 54% of which play daily and 30% weekly, investigates a range of viewpoints around salient social media gaming topics.

See details from both studies, which look at the psychology, attitudes and behaviors associated with social gaming among women, at MediaPost.