4% of Tweets Include Product Recommendations or Complaints

Twitter message types

Semantic search company TextWise used their Semantic Signatures technology to analyze the content of Twitter messages.  They used the streaming API to download a sampling of 8.9 million tweets posted by 2.6 million unique users.

They found that 2.7 million of these tweets, or 31%, were replies to a tweet posted by another user, half a million (6%) were retweets, and almost 2 million (22%) of the messages contained a URL.

They further analyzed the content of 1,000 tweets to see what the content was and found that 30% of tweets relate to a user’s “status” (what they’re currently doing or where they are), and 27% were private conversations.   10% contained links to articles.  4% of tweets analyzed included product recommendations or complaints — a small percentage but a huge amount of data if you consider that Twitter is now logging more than 50 million tweets a day.

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