940 Million Social Network Users Worldwide

Social networks around the world 2010

European research and consulting firm InSites Consulting has released a detailed report based on a global study of 2,800 internet users. The full report provides fascinating insights into social networking preferences and behaviors around the world, so we are embedding it above.

InSites has a blog post summarizing key findings here.

Some of our favorite stats:

  • the biggest growth potential for social network membership is in Asia (slide 15)
  • 12% of the online internet population are ex members of Facebook (slide 24)
  • 35% have become members/fans of a brand (slide 50)
  • Brazilians are the most connected, with an average of 360 friends – compared to a worldwide average of 195 (slide 55)
  • 44% think that posts from brands about themselves are credible
  • 13% have posted images of themselves that are “far from real” on at least one web site (slide 72)