Martha's Recipe for Twitter Business Success

Last July, The Daily Beast ran an interview with TWTRCON keynote speaker Martha Stewart, in which she described why she’s such a big fan of Twitter.  The interview, which includes some controversial statements about why Martha prefers Twitter over Facebook — “I don’t have to ‘befriend’ and do all that other dippy stuff that they do on Facebook.” — was picked up by Mashable, Huffington Post and other media outlets (and the Omnimedia team later had to explain that Facebook really, really is a great partner for them, too).

Still, Twitter, which Martha has called “the Wal-Mart of the Internet” has been a great tool for her brand and her business.    More importantly, Martha’s been very smart about how she uses social media to make connections with her fans and drive her business–which is why we are so delighted that she has agreed to keynote TWTRCON NY on June 14th.

So what does Martha tweet about?

She is a pioneer in the use of technology in media, and has hosted Biz Stone on her “Tech Show” with live bloggers.  She’s even been twit-slapped.

The bottom line?  She has a lot of experience with both the opportunities and the perils of using Twitter for business, and we can’t wait to have her share some of those learnings with us at TWTRCON NY.

We hope you can join us, too, and bring your questions, since we hope to leave lots of time for audience q&a.

Meanwhile, try some of Martha’s Twitter Cupcakes.