What Social Network Has 310 Million Users? (Hint: You May Not Be Able to Reach Them Via Google)

Smart Brief on Social Media’s Merritt Colaizzi posted a summary of statistics from a SXSW panel about social media and China that describe the social media scene in China.  Unfortunately, there are no sources given, but the numbers are an interesting glimpse into the burgeoning Chinese social media scene nonetheless:

  • 384 million Internet users in China, 75% of whom are under 34.
  • 40% of Chinese Web users are creators, compared with 21% of Americans.
  • The largest Internet service portal is Tencent, with 1 billion accounts (485 million active users). In 2009, its revenues surpassed $1.5 billion, 90% of which came from digital goods and games and 10% from ads. Tencent is the most important Internet company in China and the third largest in world, after Google and Microsoft.
  • Tencent’s social network Qzone has 310 million users.  Their IM service, QQ, has 50 million concurrent users
  • China’s answer to Facebook, Renren has 200 million users, 55 million of whom are mobile.
  • Another popular social network, Kaixin001 has 75 million users