Microsoft, eBay and Amazon Have the "Most Social" Employees

Database marketer NetProspex has analyzed the social media activity of 100,000 NetProspex contacts from the nation’s largest contacts, based on data provided by Rapleaf, to create the NetProspex Social Report, The Social 50 ranking of companies with the most social employees, The Twitter 20 list of companies with most active employees on twitter, a Network Breakdown showing usage of various social media networks, and some basic social demographics.

The company found that 43% of employees at the nation’s largest companies use LinkedIn, and 11% use Facebook.  3% reported using Twitter.

The top 3 companies with the most socially-active employees are Microsoft, eBay and Amazon.

The top 3 companies with the highest Twitter score–calculated based on  number of followers, number following and number of tweets for each company employee–are Microsoft, Raytheon and Analog Devices.

Flowtown has an infographic that nicely summarizes the results.

Download the full report (PDF)