#TWTRCON Tuesday: Tell Your Friends, Maybe Win a Free Pass!

We are eight weeks away from TWTRCON SF!  Our early bird discount expires at the end of this week, and we need your help getting out the word!

To make sure that as many people as possible hear about TWTRCON SF before the early bird rates expire at the end of the week, we are asking you to help us tweet about the event.  To thank you, one tweet sent on Tuesday 9/21 with the phrase “#TWTRCON Tuesday” will be randomly selected to win a free pass to TWTRCON SF.

Here are the details:

1. Send one or many tweets with the phrase “#TWTRCON Tuesday” anytime on Tuesday, Sept 21 (we’ll use midnight, Pacific Time, as the cut-off).  Some examples:

#TWTRCON Tuesday: RT to save & maybe win a free pass to TWTRCON SF | Nov 18 | Business in Real Time. Details: http://bit.ly/cf04Vu

Join me at TWTRCON SF | Nov 18 | Business in Real Time – early bird rates expire this week! Details: http://bit.ly/cf04Vu #TWTRCON Tuesday

2. On Wednesday morning, we will randomly select one tweet from among all of the eligible ones sent as the winning tweet.   Note that sending multiple tweets improves your chances of being chosen.  (But it may also result in people un-following you if they think you are spamming them, so don’t go too crazy!)

3. We will notify the sender of the winning tweet via @ message by noon Pacific time on Wednesday the 21st.  We’ll also try to contact them via DM if they are following @TWTRCON.  The winner will receive a free pass to TWTRCON SF, a $595 vlaue.  If you win, you can use the pass for yourself or give it to a friend or colleague.

That’s it!  Have fun playing, and thanks for helping us get the word out!

P.S. Don’t forget to register yourself by the end of 9/24!