Twitter (Finally) Declares 100 Million Active Monthly Users

Twitter Announces 100 Million Active Users via Twitter BlogYesterday Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finally revealed the magic numbers we’ve all been waiting for: Twitter now has 100 million active monthly users, and 50 million active users every day.

The question of how many of Twitter’s 200 million registered users are actually active on the site has been floating around for some time.  The 100 million active user number shows a growth of 82% since last year, according to Costolo.

Other Twitter statistics:

  • 55 million users log on to Twitter from their phone or tablet every month
  • now sees 400 million visitors a month, up from 250 million at the beginning of the year
  • Twitter now hosts roughly a billion tweets every five days, 230 million tweets every day
  • two weeks ago, Twitter hit a new record for tweets per second: 8,900 (when Hurricane Irene hit New York and Beyonce announced her pregnancy on stage)
  • less than 40% of users sign in just to listen (and have not tweeted in the last month), a “super healthy” number according to Costolo

According to Mashable, Twitter expects to add 26 million active users between now and the end of 2011.