Argentina Leads Facebook Use in Latin America

Argentina Ranks Third Worldwide in Facebook PenetrationArgentina is the leader of Facebook use in Latin America, and now ranks third worldwide for Facebook penetration; 62% of internet users in Argentina will use Facebook in 2012.  Argentina has a higher Facebook penetration (per internet user) than both the U.S. (59%) and Canada (61%), and ranks behind only India (63.5%) and Indonesia (82.5%).

This year, 89% of social network users in the country will be on Facebook, showing the site’s clear dominance of social networking in Argentina. By 2014, more than 17 million people in Argentina will access Facebook.  That’s almost 40% of the total population, and 95% of social network users in Argentina.

According to eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson, Facebook’s popularity in Argentina is due to “high broadband penetration, a strong mobile and telecommunications infrastructure and a population that skews younger.”  Williamson added that “With a relatively open culture of sharing personal information online, social networking will continue to experience high growth.”

Data is based on eMarketer’s March 2012 report “Worldwide Social Network Usage: Market Size and Growth Forecast.”