Smartphone Gaming Increases 55% in EU5

Mobile and Social Gaming in the EU5According to comScore’s newly released overview of mobile gaming across the five leading European markets – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – the number of smartphone users in these countries playing games (at least once per month) increased 55% since last year.

This means that over 46 million EU5 smartphone users are gaming, or 42% of the potential audience.

The UK leads the pack, with more than half – 52% – of the smartphone audience gaming (14.2 million). British smartphone users also ranked first in terms of gaming penetration across daily and weekly gaming usage.

42% of EU5 Smartphone Users are Gamers

Social gaming is also up in EU5 markets, with a 42% increase in the last six months leading to 6 million EU5 smartphone gamers using social games via mobile (13% of smartphone gamers overall), as of February 2012. The Italian smartphone gaming audience ranked first in terms of penetration at 15.5%, while Spanish smartphone users were most likely to play games with other people (11%).

“The rise in mobile gaming is being propelled by the rapid adoption of smartphones and the vast ecosystems of game apps they provide,” says Hesham Al-Jehani, comScore Europe product manager for Mobile in the press release.  Are advertisers moving just as quickly into the mobile gaming space?