82% of US Moms Are On Social Networks

Moms are more likely to use social networks, and more likely than the general population to have over 200 friends and to “like” brands.Nearly 28 million moms will use social networks this year in the US – that’s 82% of mom internet users who have children under 18 in the household, according to the latest estimates by eMarketer.  By 2014, nearly 85% of mom internet users will be on social networks.

Moms are 45% more likely to use social media than the general population, and 55% more likely to use social media via mobile device, according to a study released in April by BabyCenter.  Over half – 53% – of these moms used social media on a daily or weekly basis to learn about parenting issues from other parents.  According to eMarketer, the internet is the “ideal research library” for information about baby care and products, and moms – especially first-timers – are turning to social networks to find that information.

This is supported by a small study, “New Parents’ Facebook Use at the Transition to Parenthood,” of  154 mothers and 150 fathers, most white and highly educated.  Mothers in particular tended to increase their online activity after giving birth, using Facebook more often than their partners.  Parents who reported higher levels of stress tended to visit and manage their accounts more frequently, as reported by The Atlantic.

Nearly 100% of these moms uploaded photos of their baby onto social networks, and 83% of fathers did so as well.  The vast majority – 93% or mothers and 71% of fathers – said it was “likely” that their online friends would comment or “like” these photos.

82% of US Moms Are On Social Networks

According to the study’s co-author, Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan, “”Parents [on social networks] may feel like they’re getting positive feedback about their role as parents, and they particularly need that.”

Social networks – particularly Facebook – are huge for moms, and new parents in general.  Are marketers engaging with them effectively on those platforms?