45% Of Businesses Have Adopted Mobile Marketing

45% Of Businesses Have Adopted Mobile MarketingMobile marketing – including mobile websites, applications and QR codes – have been adopted by 45% of businesses, according to a global survey by email marketing service provider Strongmail.

Among the marketers who have adopted mobile marketing, the most popular forms are mobile websites (70%), mobile applications (55%) and QR codes (49%).  Over half (57%) of those marketers have only been using mobile marketing techniques for a year or less.

Out of the businesses that have not embraced mobile marketing, 43% plan to do so within one year and 32% plan to do so within a year or more.  A vast majority – 70% – expect to see their budgets increase over that time period.  Only 25% said they did not plan to use mobile marketing in the future.

What are businesses expecting from mobile marketing? Nearly 60% of respondents list increasing sales as an objective for their mobile program; 52% list improving customer service/convenience; 49% aim to increase brand awareness, and 45% are looking to acquire new customers through mobile marketing.

What are the top reasons for lack of mobile marketing adoption? Lack of strategy is the most popular reason (37%), followed by lack of resources (a problem for 22%).  Small mobile marketing budgets are also an issue: 54% of businesses allocate 5% or less to mobile programs, and 25% of businesses allocate less than 1% to mobile.

Conducted in April 2012, the “StrongMail Mobile Marketing Survey 2012” was based on a global survey of more than 800 business leaders.