The YouTube Olympics: Viewers Tuned In To 231 Million Video Streams

YouTube users across the U.S. and 64 countries in Africa and Asia watched a total of 231 million video streams of Olympics coverage; 72 million of these views came from the IOC’s Official Olympic Channel on YouTube.

At peak, YouTube delivered video for more than half a million livestreams at the same time, according to the YouTube blog.

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In the U.S., YouTube powered the online coverage for, delivering more than 159 million total streams.  For videos viewed through NBC’s native apps, an impressive 37% of views came from mobile devices.

The U.S. Olympic Committee YouTube Channel shared behind the scenes video with more than 6.75 million views, although most of these fews came from a few select videos, according to TechCrunch.

Were you watching the Olympics on television, YouTube, or checking results via mobile app?