Facebook Brand Engagement Grows 896% Year-Over-Year

Facebook brand post engagement via Adobe studyA new study by Adobe found that brand engagement (defined as likes, comments, and shares) on Facebook rose 896% year-over-year.  Mobile engagement is also way up; around one-quarter of Facebook engagement came from mobile users.

What led to the increase in brand engagement? Adobe’s 2012 Global Digital Advertising Update offers three reasons:

  • format changes made in the last three quarters (Facebook Timeline)
  • use of new acquisition and engagement metrics
  • more effective social marketing by brands

Mobile engagement on Facebook rose 4X since Facebook Timeline rolled out.

Facebook likes by mobile users via Adobe study

Mobile growth is also having a significant effect on paid search – as mobile traffic rises, one in five paid search clicks will originate from smartphones or tablets.

Adobe concludes that “Facebook is becoming a more valuable advertising marketing channel than in the past” and marketers should take advantage by including more social -and mobile – marketing in their mix.

The data (collected from Adobe AdLens and Adobe Social solutions) for this report comes from over 260 billion impressions for 338 companies in the automotive, CPG, financial services, media and entertainment, and retail industries and the activity of 70 million fans.