Mobile Video: 92% of Viewers Share Content

Mobile video viewers are highly likely to share mobile video content, according to a new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.  Out of the 200 mobile video viewers surveyed, 92% share mobile video content with others. And they do so often: 16% share mobile video content daily, and 33% do so weekly.  Overall, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed share mobile video content at least once per month. 

Frequency of Mobile Video Sharing via IAB Survey

While many (56%) are sharing video content through posts on Facebook or other social sites, 44% simply use their own mobile device to show video to friends.  Only 12% share video via Twitter.

Which videos are most popular for sharing?

  • 66% of respondents share short, funny video clips
  • 52% share music videos
  • 35% share movie trailers
  • 31% share content created by themselves or their friends

Finally, respondents weighed in on mobile video advertising.  The majority – 53% – are “positive or neutrally receptive” towards mobile video advertising. But viewers want these video ads to be both relevant and concise: nearly half (48%) said that they would prefer seeing video ads related to the content of the video clips being watched, and 44% recalled seeing an ad while watching mobile video — with short (10-15 second) spots being the most recalled format.

Is your brand providing the right kind of mobile video ads (if any)? And is the content inspiring viewers to share?


  1. Here is why I hate this post. The title more than the content. If I share 1 video a day that is almost zero. if I share 1 video a week that is zero. if I share 1 video a month that is definitely zero.

    So I feel this takes away from reality. I don’t watch much video on my phone and share zero. I read a ton on my hone and I share maybe 2-3 times a day…but I read 25 to 50 pieces of content. So I share so little.

    So I just feel perspective is proper here. How many videos do people watch. What percent get shared etc.

    As for video ads no different than on Hulu etc pre-roll is acceptable if not frequent or messing with the experience. I have uninstalled apps that have too many video ads.

  2. Then there is me. I can and do watch TV and movies on my mobile when away from TV or desktop. The amount of sharing, i.e., Youtube, Blogger, Posterous, Twitter, G+ and SMS is several per day. That is because I am hunting topics specifically to talk about. Pre-roll ads or every 8 minutes a pause in content play for Maxwell House K-cup ad just triggers mute key. If in front of desktop the mobile is a Twitter device, if in front of TV mobile is Twitter device and search device; video and text.

    What I am saying is the demographic this “Report” is talking about is 16 to 25 yrs. old yammering among friends at school or sport or other organized activity, plus TV time.

    Could be wrong, it is late.

  3. I’m sorry you hate our post.
    Did you notice the stat that “44% share video by simply showing it to others”? That’s me, and my husband hates it when I do that. :-)

  4. No hate from this location. I do wonder why the ‘hairs’ get split into numerous bits until the meaning is homogenized? The report information, for me, didn’t present anything new Today I read about a quick-informal-interview of college kids resulted in similar numbers as the report. One area (region) when compared to the another had similar sharing tendencies but differed in app selection. The fork, so to speak, in social sharing is GroupMe.

    The region that closely fits the demographic : college age and in school plus uses GroupMe. See all the data is the same with some tools splitting hairs, some not.

  5. you make some very good points – and I always tell people that a data point is just a data point, you need multiple sources and multiple data points to really see a trend.

    And my friend @HowieWCC:disqus is who I was referring to as the hater – but we don’t *really* care what he thinks… ;-)

  6. The title is meant to show that 92% of those who *already* view mobile video are also sharing that video, whether it’s through messaging, social sites, or simply handing their phone to a friend. Here is what the study said about the 200 respondents: “The focus of the report was on mobile phone based video usage, excluding tablet based video usage. Respondents were pre-screened on demographics and mobile video behavior to ensure the sample gathered was relevant and responsive. The successful 200 pre-screened respondents were tasked using their mobile to check in, over a period of one week, whenever they used mobile video.” I would use that for perspective – that the study is clearly only looking at a base of fairly engaged and frequent mobile video users.


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