Mobile Video: 92% of Viewers Share Content

Mobile video viewers are highly likely to share mobile video content, according to a new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.  Out of the 200 mobile video viewers surveyed, 92% share mobile video content with others. And they do so often: 16% share mobile video content daily, and 33% do so weekly.  Overall, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed share mobile video content at least once per month. 

Frequency of Mobile Video Sharing via IAB Survey

While many (56%) are sharing video content through posts on Facebook or other social sites, 44% simply use their own mobile device to show video to friends.  Only 12% share video via Twitter.

Which videos are most popular for sharing?

  • 66% of respondents share short, funny video clips
  • 52% share music videos
  • 35% share movie trailers
  • 31% share content created by themselves or their friends

Finally, respondents weighed in on mobile video advertising.  The majority – 53% – are “positive or neutrally receptive” towards mobile video advertising. But viewers want these video ads to be both relevant and concise: nearly half (48%) said that they would prefer seeing video ads related to the content of the video clips being watched, and 44% recalled seeing an ad while watching mobile video — with short (10-15 second) spots being the most recalled format.

Is your brand providing the right kind of mobile video ads (if any)? And is the content inspiring viewers to share?