More Better Data: DataSift Launches Open Source, Embeddable Visual Query Builder

DataSift Query Builder makes it easier to get insights into realtime dataWe all know that we’re drowning in data. We need better, smarter tools to sift through the data in realtime, analyze it, and deliver useful insights. And we need to integrate all of that intelligence with the other tools we use to manage our business, our customer relationships, and our marketing campaigns.

That’s why DataSift has introduced a new Query Builder tool designed to get us one step closer to better access to the data that matters.  The tool’s slick visual interface makes it easy to quickly filter the various data sources available through DataSift–everything from Amazon reviews to the full Twitter firehose to YouTube comments.

More importantly, the DataSift Query Builder is open source and embeddable. This means that businesses can integrate that customized data feed directly into enterprise business applications and business intelligence platforms, opening new possibilities for using insights from social data across business functions. And open source means that DataSift’s active developer community will be building new, innovative tools that leverage these insights–and also improve and fine tune the QueryBuilder itself.

“It’s not just about some pretty graphs, but data that can lead to decisions,” says DataSift founder and CTO Nick Halstead. Halstead explains that the company has increasingly been working  directly with large enterprise customers and large BI vendors who are interested in integrating data directly into their own dashboards across new business functions, combining social data with sales figures or web site data, for instance. The DataSift platform also powers many popular social media monitoring tools, and expects startups to develop new analytics tools based on the new Query Builder.

Scroll down for screen shots from the new Query Builder tool. What kinds of insights would you like to be able to get from the ever-growing stream of social data?

DataSift Query Builder screenshot: building a geographic filter:

DataSift Query Builder screenshot: building a geographic filter


 DataSift Query Builder screenshot: filtering data based on metadata (such as Twitter cards):

DataSift Query Builder screenshot: filtering data based on metadata (such as Twitter cards)

DataSift Query Builder screenshot: building advanced logic filters