56% Of Newlyweds Have Social Media Wedding Rules

Social Media for WeddingsIn celebration of National Proposal Day (March 20th), we’re taking a closer look at how newly engaged and married women are using social media to share the details of their wedding.  The annual “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey from David’s Bridal looks at social media use before, during and after the wedding – and even examines the possibility of live streaming weddings (via Skype or social media) for those who can’t attend.

Here’s how brides-to-be are using social media:

  • 59% of brides say online resources like Pinterest, Facebook and blogs are the best places to find wedding inspiration
  • 68% of brides ‘share’ their dress fittings, posting videos to social media sites and texting pics to family
  • according to the study, Pinterest “has quickly become the ultimate tools for brides-to-be”

On the day of the event, social media again plays a big role – but also comes with certain ‘rules’:

  • 56% of newlywed women think it’s important to have social media rules at the wedding
  • 61% forbid their bridesmaids from uploading pics of the bride donning her dress before the ceremony
  • 52% say the bride and groom must be the first to post a picture of their wedding to a social media site

Live streaming weddings is also becoming more popular. Last month, popular wedding site TheKnot.com did a “live-streamed, crowd sourced wedding”; and in early April, Brides magazine will help a California couple live stream their wedding on Facebook.  Many couples are interested in a live streaming option: nearly half (49%) of all respondents say they would consider “skype-ing” their wedding.

Post-event, more brides are quick to update their Facebook status: 59% of brides (up 11% from 2011) will change their status to “married” or update their new name within a day of getting married.

Do you have any plans to ‘attend’ a  live streamed wedding? Have you been to a wedding with “social media rules”?