Survey: 71% of Hashtag Users Do So From Mobile

Mobile Hashtag Survey via RadiumOneA new survey from RadiumOne looks at how consumers perceive, value, and use mobile hashtags.  Out of nearly 500 participants, over half use hashtags; over 7 in 10 of those hashtag users do so from their mobile device.

While it should be noted that the survey represents the opinions of a fairly specific audience (respondents were 71% female and 44% middle-aged), it still yielded some interesting results for advertisers. One main finding: 51% of respondents claimed they would “explore new content and share product information via hashtags if advertisers awarded discounts.”

Other key findings from the survey:

  • 58% of respondents utilize hashtags on a regular basis
  • 71% of regular hashtag users do so from their mobile devices
  • 43% of respondents think hashtags are useful
  • 34% use hashtags to search/follow categories and brands of personal interest
  • 41% of respondents use hashtags to communicate personal ideas and feelings

RadiumOne notes that “hashtags have become one of the most ubiquitous symbols used in social sharing.”  Is your brand using hashtags to connect with consumers?