5 Vines Are Shared Every Second On Twitter

5 Vines shared per second on TwitterLast week Vine celebrated its 100-day birthday, and new research from Unruly lays out the top metrics for the mobile video app, showing strong engagement for Twitter’s video platform.

Here are the highlights, using data from over 10 million Vines during a one-month period:

  • 5 Vine videos are shared on Twitter every second
  • branded Vines are 4X more likely to be shared than branded online videos
  • more Vine tweets occur during the weekend than all of the weekdays combined
  • most Vine activity occurs between 10-11am EDT
  • the largest number of Vine tweets (19,667) was sent on Monday, April 15 at 3-4pm EDT – just after the Boston Marathon explosions

What kind of engagement are Vines seeing?  The #1 tracked Vine over the month-long period had 47,000 tweets; the 100th most-shared Vine in this period had 1,400 tweets (click here to see the top 100). Out of the 10 million Vines sampled, just 51 garnered over 2,000 tweets; 176 Vines earned over 1,000 tweets, and 433 Vines had over 500 tweets.

“This data can really help brands determine a strategy for using Vine in their marketing efforts. We have already seen brands like General Electric, adidas, AT&T, Volvo, Pepsi-Co and GAP adapt to the platform,” said Matt Cooke, CTO and co-founder at Unruly. “There is a massive opportunity here for brands to get really creative with this 6-second sensation, either to grab people’s attention quickly or as part of a much larger content marketing strategy.”

Check out this fun Valentine’s Day Vine from Tropicana:

What are some of the best branded Vines you’ve seen?  Has your brand tried Vine as a marketing platform?