Askem Gives Instant Feedback and Answers Through Social Media

Askem: Question Everything!It’s no secret that many people turn to social media to find answers to their problems. People are supplementing search engine results with social media tools to get what they need. Unfortunately, many questions are ignored and unseen because of the constant rush of new messages, updates, and information.

Askem, a new iOS and web app, developed by a startup in Israel and launched in early May 2013, gives users the answer to their questions using the power of social media tools.  Askem presents users with visuals to capture attention; this method allows the user’s question to stand out from other updates and gives the user the ability to get realtime responses from their friends.

Many people who are on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network run into similar issues. Their question is seen by their friends, is liked, commented on, or even shared — but there are still times where even after engagement, the question goes unanswered.

Askem: users ask their social network and get answers -- in realtime
Getting answers from Askem

Using Askem is short and easy process. Users upload an image and ask their question. With the image in place, up to five pre-set answers are set in a pop-up that can be re-arranged by the user. Once the person asks a question, any Askem users following the person can tap any of the pop-ups to choose an answer. The person who asked the initial question gets a tally, similar to the way polls are run.

The results are then broken down into percentages for the user. Askem also goes one step further and shows the difference between the answers given from your friends, the world, and the opinions given between men and women. Askem not only allows for broader outreach in your social media networks, but also makes it easier for you to collect an overall consensus, allowing you to reach your conclusion right away.

Askem works across different social media platforms and isn’t limited to only Askem app users. Questions created using Askem can be shared through any other social media network to increase the likelihood of the question being answered.

Askem is not yet released on Android or Windows Phone, but users can sign up to be notified of an Android and Windows Phone release for the app.

How are you leveraging social media to get answers? Are you considering Askem?