Buy, Sell, or Pay Using Social Media Comments with Chirpify

Quick, social transactionsWhen it comes to e-commerce transactions, it’s usually a multiple-step process. First, the buyer has to pull out their credit card. Second, they have to go through several pages confirming multiple options. Sometimes there’s a few more steps tossed into the mix.

Social e-commerce platform Chirpify lets users buy or sell directly on social media with a single comment reply. When a deal or item is put up using Chirpify, users interested in purchasing simply reply in the comments with the keyword (“buy,” for example) and the payment starts processing.

Although only available for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are chances that Chirpify may expand to other social media networks.

Users can also send or receive payments without an item being exchanged, making the tool more versatile and allowing for quick exchanges of currency.

First-time users do have to create an account first, entering in their credit card info along with other necessary information before they can start using Chirpify’s one keyword purchasing power. After being registered, replying in the comments with “buy” should become seamless and more behind-the-scenes.

Adidas Using ChirpifyThe platform allows for brands and businesses to get their audience engaged, merging both the social aspect of their updates along with the commerce side.

Chirpify is convenient for businesses promoting quick, temporary deals, allowing prospective customers to purchase almost immediately. Businesses who have an active social media fanbase will have more luck than those who lack a socially engaged audience; this provides extra incentive for businesses to become more involved in building a social media presence.

Is your brand planning to leverage social transactions with Chirpify?