Twitter’s Vine App Now Has 40 Million Users

Vine logoOn Tuesday, Twitter’s video-sharing application announced new user numbers: Vine now boasts over 40 million users. Despite the recent introduction of Instagram video, Vine has grown rapidly, adding 27 million users in just the last two and a half months.

However, the new numbers represent registered users — not monthly active users.

AllThingsD sums up the news nicely: “This is what we know: Vine hasn’t stopped growing since Instagram video launched — folks keep installing and registering for it at a fast pace. But how many people still use it regularly, and how often?”

The Vine app was first released back in January, but really took off after it launched on Android in June and after a July update that introduced channels and “revines” (sharing), allowing Vine videos to go viral.

While many speculated that the introduction of Instagram video would be the death of Vine, these new numbers demonstrate “massive pickup” in the past two months (CNET), proving that Vine’s popularity is still growing.