Qriously: Targeting Mobile Ad Campaigns Based on Consumer Opinions

Preview of Qriously In-App Question

When it comes to advertising, businesses know that an ad may be seen by many, but only a select number of consumers will be interested in what a brand has to offer. Qriously, a real-time opinion company based in New York and London, seeks to maximize the profits for advertising efforts, by finding a way to target customers who are interested in what a particular ad has to say.

How does it work? Mobile users are asked in-app questions; their answers allow Qriously to serve them relevant ads tailored to their interests. In a way, the user is “self-selecting” the ads displayed to his or her smartphone. The data gathered informs the company what ads will appeal to the user — and  increases the likelihood that each impression will lead to a click-through.

The company claims to have access to 300 million people, provide real-time data, and the ability to map answers to a location.

Qriously worked with Lexus on a campaign that served 25,000 consumers interested in purchasing a new car.  Consumers were asked: “What will your new car be?”, with choices “hybrid,” “petrol,” or “diesel.” People who chose hybrid were then shown an ad for the Lexus CT Hybrid. According to Qriously, the campaign brought a 31.7% relative lift and 7.27% increase in intent to purchase (when compared with a random population of smartphone users.)

Lexus campaign with Qriously

In an age where advertisements are a nuisance, letting the consumer play a role gives them a sense of control. So consumers have a say in what types of ads they see, and relevant ads leads a higher conversion rate for campaigns — creating a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses.

Businesses looking to ensure their ads reach the right audience should keep a close eye on Qriously.