Triberr’s Influencer Marketing Campaign Service Turns Bloggers Into Brand Ambassadors

Earlier this month, Triberr unveiled an influencer marketing campaign service that lets brands recruit bloggers and then reward them for participating in campaigns. The service is differentiated from other influencer marketing platforms in several ways. Here’s what really sets it apart: because it is built on Triberr’s technology for connecting bloggers into collaborative groups (“tribes”) in which bloggers agree to share each other’s content, campaigns that run on the new Triberr service have the potential to create an instant community of mutually-supportive brand ambassadors.

Triberr influencer marketing campaigns page

Triberr was introduced by Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo in 2011 as a platform for bloggers to support each other by sharing content within self-forming, topic-specific groups. Today, there are more than 60,000 unique tribes that send 2 million unique visits to its members’ blogs on a monthly basis.

Now marketers can recruit these bloggers to create and share content around their brands. Marketers create campaign pages in which they explain the product, requirements, campaign goals and the potential payout. Triberr members can browse the active campaigns and apply to join those they’re interested in. The marketing campaign manager then invites qualifying bloggers to join. To date, the service has seen a 100% acceptance rate on the part of the bloggers, according to Triberr co-founder Dino Dogan.

Triberr influencer campaign manager applicants page

A Community of Brand Ambassadors

Once the group has been formed, the marketer can communicate with all of the bloggers as a unit. Moreover, the bloggers can also communicate with each other, leading to greater collaboration and even new ideas coming from the bloggers themselves. For instance, during a campaign for Cottonelle, the bloggers self-organized a Twitter chat about the brand.

And, as the bloggers create content for the campaign, that content is added to the brand community’s stream, making it available to be tweeted and shared by all of the other bloggers in the group. This, in turn, creates added incentive and reward for the bloggers: knowing that your content will be shared by other like-minded bloggers.

This built-in community is what sets Triberr apart from traditional influencer marketing campaigns, which normally deal one-on-one with individual bloggers.

No More Starving Artists

And the business model makes a Triberr campaign accessible to most marketers. The platform asks that brands pay a minimum of $336 per month to each blogger participating in one of its campaigns, of which Triberr takes a 12% cut.

Dogan has a big vision for the platform: “Bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, all are collectively known to me as the Creative Class. And the term “starving artist” must disappear from the English lexicon.”

The influencer marketing service is now in private beta, with about 12-20 active campaigns. It will be available publicly in about 2 months via a self-serve platform.