Women Are 8% More Likely To Use Social Networking Sites; Reddit Is Only Male-Dominated Social Site

Social networking is still more of a woman’s world, reveals a recent study from the Pew Research Center.  While five years ago only 29% of online American adults engaged in social networking, by 2013 that number has jumped to 72%.  Men and women show varying degrees of engagement on a different social platforms, but overall women are 8% more likely to use social networking sites (based on data from May 2008 through May 2013).

How does the gender distribution break down across various social platforms? Women are more likely to use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  Twitter and Tumblr show a more even distribution between male and female users, while reddit is the only social networking site where men are significantly more likely to be users.

Men vs Women Site Specific Social Media Use
data: Pew Research Center

Out of all women online in the US, three-quarters (74%) use social networking sites.

Are you surprised the gender gap is still in place across multiple social networking platforms – and do you think it will even out over time?