Realtime Marketing Lab: Get In The Meeting Zone With Our Help Desk, Sandbox, And The Trendr Official #RLTM Networking App

Connect at #RLTMNext week’s Realtime Marketing Lab is all about learning about the latest realtime marketing tools and strategies. Got it. But it’s also an incredible opportunity for you to expand your network and connect with other professionals who are just as passionate about being on the cutting-edge of the latest marketing trends as you are.

This is an amazing community. Realtime marketing is hard–but you know that it also represents a huge opportunity to create new, deeper relationships with your customers, relationships that are more meaningful because they’re based on a shared experience.

The people who will be in the room on Monday at Realtime Marketing Lab are people who will define the future of marketing: how the technology will develop to meet your needs, the strategies that brands will use to connect with customers in the coming years, and the answers tricky issues, from new business models (paid, earned, owned, anyone?) to concerns around privacy and data ownership.

So as much as I hope you will come out of the event fired up about how much you’ve learned, I also hope you use it as an opportunity to meet new colleagues, make new friends, and build new relationships of your own.

Here’s how:

1. Schedule meetings with our Help Desk Experts:

Seriously – this is an incredible group of people, with expertise in all facets of digital marketing. Even if you don’t have specific questions or problems to solve, spending 10 minutes creating a relationship with people like Maddie Grant or Bryan Kramer or John Mullin or Marshall Sponder will expand your brain, but also give you a connection that will pay dividends for years to come.

2. Schedule meetings with the tools in the Sandbox:

When do you ever have a chance to test-drive 12 of the coolest technologies out there all in one day? I don’t care if you think you need a new analytics platform or not, you will be blown away just by seeing what’s possible with these tools. Pick at least 3 and schedule those meetings now. And some of the smartest people in the industry are working for these vendors right now, so you’ll meet some really cool people, too.

3. Download Trendr, our official mobile networking app, and meet other #RLTM 2013 attendees:

Trendr combines geo-location and LinkedIn to help you connect with other participants who share your interests. Discover the right people to meet, find them at the Trendr Meeting Zone, and make an immediate referral via the Trendr app. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date!

 I look forward to meeting many of you on Monday. Who do you want to meet at Realtime Marketing Lab?