Create and Share Mobile Apps (Using Your Mobile) With

A new mobile web app,, is in the works — and it promises to allow anyone to create and share mobile apps. The best part? You can do it straight from your mobile phone’s web browser.

Currently a project on Kickstarter, the ambitious concept caught our attention. founder Frederick Tubiermont says adsy’s launch “will undoubtedly be a proof of concept for those who believe that the future of mobile is the (open) web, not native apps.”

Creating a mobile app on your mobile phone means you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading various tools, Software Development Kits (SDK) or even have to know any programming languages.

Description of adsy

Here are some ideas that the adsy team put together that show just how creative you can get:

  • Mix photos, videos, sounds, text, stickers, and any other sort of content
  • Write your CV or résumé
  • Promote your music, book, or event
  • Sell your car, house, clothes, pets, craft, and anything else
  • Accept appointments
  • Design invitiations
  • Share a poll

It’s a long list. Basically, you can do almost anything if you have the right idea.

Keep in mind: this is a Kickstarter at the moment, so there is currently no test run or way to experiment with the product. According to Tubiermont, the program should be ready by the holidays.

What’s the pricing? Adsy is going off of a freemium model that offers one “free treat” plan and a “magic plan” that costs $4.99/month.

With the free plan users get unlimited apps and traffic, but don’t receive statistics or premium plugins. With the magic plan you get statistics, 3 premium plugins, and live chat support in case anything goes wrong.

This sounds promising and I’m personally excited. Small businesses should be thrilled to be able to claim that they have an app for their own brand with little effort.  If you want to opt for something simple then you can create an app that shows basic information such as contact numbers and your opening hours.

What’s your opinion? Do you think adsy will be able to deliver on its bold promise of being “the most ambitious mobile web app ever”?

Curious? Watch a short video about adsy here: