69% of Ad Execs To Run YouTube Video Ads Next Year [Survey]

Nearly seven in 10 agency executives (69%) consider advertising via social networks “somewhat to extremely important” as a part of their marketing mix, according to a recent survey by Mixpo that asks 100 agency and media executives about their plans for social video advertising.

How many of the respondents have already run advertising or promotional video campaigns on social?

  • 63% on YouTube
  • 32% on Facebook
  • 12% on Twitter
  • 5% on LinkedIn

And here’s how many respondents plan to run a social media video ad campaign in the next year:

Mixpo survey
survey by Mixpo

Once video advertising becomes available on these platforms, ad execs also plan to use video ads on: Facebook (49%), Vine (18%) and Instagram (14%).

With 75% of all internet users in the US viewing digital video, this is a huge opportunity for marketers; eMarketer estimates that video advertising spending will increase by over 40% in 2013.