UK Mobile Ad Spend Grows 126% in 2013

UK Mobile Ad Spending via eMarketerThe latest estimates from eMarketer show staggering growth in UK mobile advertising. Mobile ad spend for 2013 will total over  £1 billion (around $1.89 billion) in the UK.

Previously, eMarketer forecasted 90% growth in mobile advertising from 2012; now, an upward revision expects 126% growth.  And in 2014 total mobile ad spend is expected to nearly double, reaching almost £2.26 billion (or more than $3.58 billion).

Meanwhile, digital ad spending continues to grow, but at a much slower rate; it will increase nearly 16% in 2013.

How does this fit into the big picture?  According to eMarketer, digital accounts for nearly 45% of total media ad spending in the UK (this figure is predicted to pass 50% by 2015.) And among digital ad spending, mobile accounts for nearly 20%.

Who are the top players in UK digital ad spending? Google accounted for 42% of total digital ad spend in 2013; Facebook was well behind with 5.3%, and Twitter trailed with 0.7% of digital ad spending.

By 2017, eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending will account for well over half of the total digital ad spend in the UK.  What do you think – will mobile soon be responsible for the majority of digital ad dollars spent?