Social Networking Stats: LinkedIn Tops 259 Million Members, #RLTM Scoreboard

The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week

Facebook: 1.15 billion monthly active users via Facebook
YouTube over 1 billion monthly unique users via YouTube
Twitter: over 218 million monthly active users via Twitter
Qzone: 599 million monthly active users via TechCrunch
Sina Weibo: over 500 million users via The Next Web
Renren: over 170 million users via iResearch iUser Tracker
VK: over 200 million registered users via VK
LinkedIn: 259 million active users via LinkedIn
Google Plus: 343 million monthly active users via GlobalWebIndex
Tumblr: 162 million blogs via Tumblr
Instagram: 150 million users via Instagram
Vine: 40 million registered users via Vine
Tagged: 20 million unique monthly users via Tagged
Foursquare: 40 million users via CNET
Pinterest: 70 million users via The Next Web
Reddit: 90 million monthly unique visitors via Reddit
WhatsApp: 200 million monthly active users via TechCrunch
SnapChat:  ???? via TechCrunch

Please email if you have additional updates, or a social network that you feel should be on the list.  

LinkedIn Tops 259 Million Members; 66% of Members Are Outside the U.S.

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn’s third quarter results for 2013 “exceeded analyst expectations.” The professional social network has over 259 million members (an increase of 38% year-over-year) in over 200 countries and territories. Unique users are up 49% year-over-year, including both desktop and mobile.  Total pageviews for mobile and desktop increased 72% year-over-year.

“Increased member growth and engagement helped drive strong financial results in the third quarter,” said Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, in a press release. “We continue to deliver value to professionals through investment in core products and strategic initiatives such as mobile, students, and the professional publishing platform.”

What’s behind this growth? CNET credits strategies focused on content and mobile apps; CEO Jeff Weiner also mentions the importance of students on the platform. High school students were welcomed on LinkedIn for the first time this year, and University Pages were established for colleges; over 1,500 University pages have been created in more than 60 countries.

Oxford University Page on LinkedIn
Oxford University Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popular around the globe; 66% of users are outside the U.S.  The social network has seen significant expansion in the Asia Pacific region, where it now has over 46 million members, up from ~18 million just 2.5 years ago. In some countries, LinkedIn is available in the native language (or languages).  In others, including China, native language options are available only on mobile and iPad apps; a smart move in a country where 4 out of 5 internet users go online via smartphones.

What will 2014 bring for LinkedIn? Will further growth come from international expansion, increased popularity among students, or continued emphasis on content and mobile apps?