Social Media News Ticker: Sum Up 2013 with Facebook Year In Review, Google+ Auto Awesome Movie

Facebook Year in Review
Facebook Year in Review

Happy New Year!  It’s been a bit quiet on the social media news front over the holidays, but here are a few updates worth checking out:

Google+ and Facebook

  • Google and Facebook write your end-of-year cards for you – both companies released tools to help put together your best moments from 2013, to share with family and friends on social networks; the Google+ auto-awesome movie puts together your best Google+ photos and videos from 2013 into an embedded YouTube video, while Facebook’s “your year in review” shows your “biggest moments” (aka most popular posts) on the social network in 2013 (CNET)



Let us know if we missed any updates, and we look forward to bringing you more of latest social media news in 2014!