LinkedIn Grows 53% Year-Over-Year in New Zealand

Who’s using social media in New Zealand? ┬áJust about everyone, based on the latest research from the comScore data mine. Nearly 95% of internet users in New Zealand accessed a social media site during November 2013, or 2.8 million Kiwis.

The top social media platforms include:

  • Facebook, with 1.95 million unique visitors in November 2013
  • LinkedIn, with 798,000 unique visitors (an increase of 53% since December 2012)
  • Blogger, with 559,000 unique visitors

Twitter trails well at the back of the pack in New Zealand, attracting only 249 million users, well below Tumblr’s 447 million.

What demographics are engaging with each platform?  LinkedIn attracts an older audience, with 68% of users over the age of 35, and with the highest proportion of users 55+ among all social platforms (31%). Tumblr skews younger, with over 55% of users under the age of 35. Facebook and Blogger have a similar demographic, attracting mostly users between 15-24, with a fairly even mix of other age groups.

Top Social Media Sites in New Zealand [comScore]

Are you surprised that LinkedIn and Tumblr are so much more popular than Twitter in New Zealand?