Tumblr’s Revenue Per Visit Jumps 340% Year-Over-Year

Revenue Per Visit - Adobe report
Revenue per visit Q4 2013 [Adobe report]
Visits from Facebook still provide the highest return, but Tumblr just rose to the #2 slot in terms of revenue per visit, with a 340% increase from last year.  A new study from Adobe reveals a record-setting fourth quarter 0f 2013 in terms of revenue from social media visitors, and Tumblr’s growth rate was the highest among all social media networks.

“Tumblr is the dark horse of high-quality traffic,” Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for the Adobe Digital Index, told AdWeek. While last year Tumblr was at the bottom of the heap, now visits from Tumblr are worth more than referrals from Twitter and Pinterest.

The actual numbers:

  • a visit from Facebook is worth $1.22
  • from Tumblr, $1.10
  • from Pinterest, $0.93
  • from Twitter, $0.83

Another important takeaway from the report: Facebook’s share of referral visits is dropping (15% year-over-year) while shares are rising for Twitter (referred visits up 125% year-over-year) and Pinterest (up 89%). In terms of overall referral traffic numbers, Tumblr is well behind the other three.

In addition, while revenue per visit has risen impressively for Tumblr, recent reports indicate traffic for the social network has been dwindling since Yahoo acquired the platform back in May 2013.

Where does that leave marketers? Tumblr’s revenue per visit has reached an impressive high, but traffic and referrals on the platform are not seeing significant growth.  Is your brand working to engage consumers on Tumblr?